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01Technological innovationTechnology innovation

We have a group of experienced technical backbone and engineer team engaged in EMC field for many years. With continuous technological innovation and transcendence, the technical performance of our products has reached a very high level.

02Excellent qualityHIGH QUALITY

Products have passed many authoritative testing institutions at home and abroad, all products are guaranteed to meet customer requirements, and on the basis of customer requirements to improve the quality as much as possible.

03Quick deliverydelivery fast

After the order is confirmed, the production process will be started. Under the condition of ensuring the quality, the goods can be delivered in advance. We attach importance to our commitment and let customers enjoy the happy purchasing process.

04Beautiful in appearancedelicate appearance

Under the strict control of quality and technology, all products are guaranteed to have the basic requirements of exquisite appearance. The products have the characteristics of quality, beauty and utility.

05Efficient schemeefficient solution

We provide quick quotation, scheme, drawing, economy and high-end quotation, scheme, drawing time within 1 hour and 8 hours respectively

06Quality servicequality service

7*24 hours service hotline, the site to confirm the size is accurate, within 24 hours in the province/outside the province within 28 hours to arrive at the scene, to provide customers with pre-sale, sale, after-sales one-stop quality service.


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  Suzhou Walk into Vicudu information technology co., LTD., founded in 2016, is committed to research and development, design, production and sales of radio frequency, audio frequency, non-standard automation products of high-tech research and development company, is a leading suzhou no line of communications products, wireless signal shielding, environmental noise isolation and elimination of professional research and development of automation equipment designer and manufacturer, we are committed to become the industry leader in east China.



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The shielding room is just a large iron box that blocks the radio signals in
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